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We specialize in removing energetic blockages by transferring energy to improve mental health. Our alternative and holistic approach will allow you to get out of your head and start living from the heart About Kerri The daughter of a funeral director, raised in a funeral home, Kerri has always delighted in the unseen. Her ability to create new ways of healing emerges in the moment with a client, in response to what is needed. Kerri works across many modalities drawing from both traditional and non-traditional practices, including Internal Family Systems, Integrative Processing Technique (a practice-based modality), Marriage and Family Therapy, Family Constellations, Human Design, Remote Viewing, Rescue Mediumship, and Attachment Removal/Placement. Her deepest desire is to help those most in need, often marginalized and misunderstood – who she believes holds the greatest capacity for collective change. About Joe Joe realized at a very young age that he had the ability to see non-physical beings surrounding physical people. In order to cope with, and make sense of the world as he knew it, Joe labeled the physical realm “Earth 1” and the non-physical realm “Earth 2”. As he grew older, the amount of information he was receiving from Earth 2 became so overwhelming, that Joe’s abilities started to feel like a curse, and he began suppressing them. He endured decades of pain and suffering as a result, seeking help from what seemed like every medical doctor on the eastern seaboard. In a life-changing turn of events, motivated by the desire to protect his own children from the “family curse,” Joe was able to begin opening himself up to his gifts in a new and safe way. Today, Joe has completely transformed his “curse” into his craft, and his unique abilities to work with energy cross the threshold of our physical reality. His desire is to help as many people as possible to reconnect with their hearts, heal themselves and their families, and spread love. Kerri and Joe have now been co-facilitating together for three years, and started Head to the Heart Healing in 2023 with the intention to increase each person’s individual capacity to hold light, and ultimately bring more light to our earth. HEAD TO THE HEART HEALING TEAM: Kerri Horton, Owner Joe Nazario, Owner Joseph Nazario, Content Creator & Artist Jordan Johnson, Office Manager
Joe Nazario & Kerri Horton
Co-Facilitators of Head to the Heart Healing


“"I received profound healing from Kerri and Joe. Their form of therapy is very unique and spiritual in nature. It felt as if I was connected to two other worldly/loving beings with a passionate desire to hold space and help me to heal..."”

Lena P.
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